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2021 Mid-Year Review Prompts & Preview

2021 Mid-Year Review Prompts & Preview

Tomorrow is the last day in June and we’re right about the halfway mark of the year. The cliche really is true - days are long and years are fast. One of the lessons I’m still learning is the balance of progress with reflection. I default to action and I know many of you do as well.

But action without reflection often leads to stress and wasted energy. The seasons, holidays and calendar breaks give us natural opportunities to reflect. This week use an hour to go through a personal mid-year review of work, projects, relationships, mental health - anything you want.

For a simple set of prompts use the WRAP method, only applied to the past six months instead of the week. I’ve finished my first draft of the review and it’s illuminating, encouraging, and frustrating all at once.

A common hesitation on reviews is projecting (too much) frustration and failure. Remember, approach reviews like a reporter, not a judge. By raising awareness of the aspirations and intentions you can better understand where you’re coming from and where you want to go.

TL;DR for You

⚡ I’ll be expanding productivity content past the bullet journal. More about apps I use, project workflows and templates, plus advice on why to even be productive - what’s the outcome for you?

🗃️ Organizing existing content to a searchable library for you to access. This will take the form of email courses, ebooks, databases, and more. I’d like to make this the basis of a community but am still in the planning stage of how to do this really well for you.

📹 Speaking more to the productive process of the content creator. Most people who have joined my courses and workshops are creators in the making. Side-hustlers who want to be productive in the pursuit of making things like videos, podcasts, writing, and more.

🎢 On the website there are a lot of personal reflections and anecdotes. I connect with people’s personal stories “behind the brand” and want to be open about what I wanted out of this full-time creator thing and how it’s going. I’m still glad to be doing it, but dang is it a roller coaster.

WRAP Reminder

If you need a refresh on what WRAP stands for, it’s 4 simple prompts…

  • What were my Wins?
  • What were my Results?
  • What did I Aspire to do?
  • What Pivots do I need to make?

Remember that results and aspirations often work in tandem, i.e. what did you aspire to do at the beginning of 2021 and what are the results so far?

Next week I’ll be off the grid and backpacking through the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you’re taking time off next week I hope it’s truly restful.