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The 5 Pillars of Productivity

The 5 Pillars of Productivity

We've talked a lot about the different tools and power-ups you can use to be productive. Goal setting, master task lists, time tracking, bullet journals, habits, and more are all very useful! But it can be challenging to figure out how they fit together and can be combined in your productivity kit.

I categorize all productivity tips, advice, and strategy into 5 containers, or the Pillars of Productivity. When you see this master framework it will give you a simple filter for understanding how to mix and match different tools and tips together.

Before we get into the 5 Pillars you need to know I hosted a webinar on the 5 Pillars and about how they help you assemble a personal productivity kit. Click here to watch!

Pillar 1 - Action: everything in productivity starts with action. Understanding what you need to do, how to prioritize and plan, and reviewing the results of these actions all sit on this pillar

Pillar 2 - Time: when you know the actions, decide when you are going to do it. Common strategies include time-tracking, calendar-blocking, and Google's 70-20-10 rule.

💡 Pillar 3 - Ideas: this includes note-taking, personal knowledge base, and Tiago Forte's PARA method. You need to have a handle on your information to speed up the work and lessen anxiety (because you already have the information).

🛠️ Pillar 4 - Tools: digital tools like Notion, Roam, Taskade, plus analog tools like a bullet journal and notecards. Remember, the tools do not make the work you create. Too often we start with the tool and expect it to solve the problem.

🧠 Pillar 5 - Mindset: confidence can only come from the courage to create and make progress. The more you put yourself out there, and you do the work that matters, the more confident you become. Even on days you don’t feel awesome, you’ll be like, “Well, I’ve done work like this, work that matters to me, for years now.”

Once you understand these different pillars of productivity, and see how they mix and match together, it can be super useful for understanding how to assemble a proper personal productivity kit you can use to be really productive day-to-day, no matter what the challenge, the goal, or the situation is.