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How My Productivity Kit Helped Me Grow a YouTube Channel to 50,000 Subscribers

How My Productivity Kit Helped Me Grow a YouTube Channel to 50,000 Subscribers

Over the past few weeks you've seen a few direct case studies of people assembling their productivity kit to slay the dragons and do work that matters. Taking goals into their own hands and taking action, no matter how small... because consistency compounds.

Today I'm turning the case study directly on myself, sharing how I built a YouTube channel from 0 to 50,000 subscribers and quit my job in the process.

In 2017 I was coming off a series of half-assed creative projects. A blog, a podcast, WordPress "agency" (I setup themes for people who had no idea how to upload themes). I was working at ConvertKit, life was good, but I still had the creative itch.

I put off a YouTube channel for months. The procrastination dragons were out in full force - "Why would YouTube be any different? You don't have a content plan! There are already too many channels, it's not worth the time. Maybe next year when work isn't so busy."

But this time I had a few power-ups stored from past experiences. I was super-focused on my time and had been practicing with BJ Fogg's Tiny Habit framework to start journaling. I had also read James Clear's essay on Systems vs Goals and was clear that what I needed was a content system, not a number goal of subscribers or views.

This productivity kit helped me finally get over the hump of 100 videos created, defeat the procrastination dragons, and ultimately quit my job to do all of this full time.

Every morning is an opportunity to slay the daily dragon. A few days of successful slaying lead to a victorious week, sharpened skills, and a much needed confidence boost. Because here's the secret of long-term productivity and reaching the summit of your goals and aspirations.

Successful days lead to victorious weeks, which stack on top of each other into your best year ever. It's as simple as that.