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Is This What a Productive Day Looks Like?

Is This What a Productive Day Looks Like?

If you follow all the productivity advice out there (including mine) - then your ideal day might look like this...

Before Work: exercise, meditate, pour-over coffee journal, cold shower, recite positive affirmations, write your top 3 tasks for the day in the bullet journal or app of choice.

During Work: plan the day, block time for top tasks, spend 50% of time creating, track the time to make sure you're focusing on the right things, list distractions, review your goals, read, take notes, organize notes, review the day, pivot tomorrow's tasks as needed.

After Work: exercise if you haven't yet, read some more (and don't forget the notes), have a hobby because it's not all about work, journal again, stretch, because why not, and breathing exercises. And don't forget to sync it all up in your second brain!

Is this what a productive day looks like? Writing everything out - it's no wonder the number one issue for personal productivity is feeling overwhelmed! That's why this week I want you to try something different. As you notice each challenge, problem, issue, or opportunity arise in the coming days, ask yourself "what do I need in this moment to be successful?"

Think back to our power-ups from last week and choose one to help you face today's challenge. I've included a link to each to help you start assembling your productivity kit!

✅  Previewing with GAP —> When you want a clear plan for the week

⏰  Time Tracking Basics —> When you don't know where the time goes

🔎  The 4D's of Task Processing —> When you need to process things fast

🥅  System vs Outcome Goals —> When you have a lot going on

🐿️  Fighting Distractions —> When you struggle with focus

👀  Reviewing with WARP —> When you need closure

There are tons more you can add to your productivity kit, but this should get you started with a proper assembly. Having your kit ready to use each day helps reduce the overwhelm of the moment because you don't have to do all the things every day - and that's a good thing.

So don't beat yourself up because you didn't get to your entire morning routine or didn't take as good of notes as you intended. All of these power-ups weren't meant to be used every day to their maximum effect. They are best used in specific situations to help you succeed in new challenges and opportunities.

Of course you need a level of understanding and competency to effectively deploy the power-ups in your productivity kit - but we'll get in to that more in the coming weeks.