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The Boring Stuff Works

The Boring Stuff Works

In the past 12 hours I've been through the same routine I have every Sunday night to Monday morning. The GAP preview, morning workout, list my top tasks for the day (from GAP of course), reading through notes, and writing the Monday email.

In moments of creative self-doubt I think "I do the same thing every week, but I need a new way to talk about it so people stay interested!" The more I follow this routine the more boring it seems, but the better results I get. As I've been working with members of the Productivity Power-Up course the past two weeks I'm seeing the same results from them.

Consistent, focused application of your attention leads to huge results over time... even if the daily routine feels boring. The boring stuff works.

There's a big reason why too - when you build routines and rituals into the days and weeks it gives your creative, problem solving brain room to work. It's like getting on the highway in a Tesla instead of roaming through the hills on foot. Both have their place but when you're working on a specific goal or system you want to take the most direct path.

Routines and frameworks like the GAP and Master Task List give you helpful direction and focus through each day and week. So don't be discouraged thinking that it's boring or you're not seeing the results you want. Stay consistent, focused, and put in the reps.