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Why I Use Bullet Journals Over Apps 📓📱

Why I Use Bullet Journals Over Apps 📓📱

Do you get distracted while you work?

Do you find yourself changing the background music, trying to set the right mood?

If you find yourself, like me, asking “What did I intend to do today?” or “What was I just doing?” multiple times a day?

Of course you do - it happens to all of us.

This is the main reason I love the bullet journal. It stays nearby, a touchstone for your focus. A physical presence and reminder of what I intended to focus on at the beginning of the day or week.

I leave my journal open so I can see it near my computer. When I get distracted or I find I’m spinning my wheels, I come back to the bullet journal.

Seeing the bullet journal open keeps me from automatically clicking social media or email. Even as a person who writes and makes videos about productivity - the draw of apps designed to distract is a struggle.

If you get distracted, that’s okay. It happens. But the intention is to come back to the task.

You have the freedom to jot down stray thoughts at any time, and the tactile feeling of writing on paper is grounding.

Obviously, a notebook and productivity apps aren’t mutually exclusive: There are some really big advantages to using a task manager. I’m not saying to delete all your apps.

When it comes to starting the day, there’s nothing better than to be really focused on the bullet journal and just write down what matters.