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Capture Inspiration for Better Creation ⭐

Capture Inspiration for Better Creation ⭐

Coming up with ideas for content creation over and over can be exhausting and a bit terrifying! I told you back on day one that this was my biggest concern with going daily. Could I keep up? Would I do it for a week and hate it then feel like a failure? I had to try to find out…

If you’re a creator then you know the feeling. You’re constantly under the pressure to come up with something new to talk about. It feels like you can never get a break from it or the only other option is to give up entirely. That doesn’t feel good either.

If you feel like your ideas for content creation are growing stagnant, you have to find sources of inspiration. You can’t expect to keep putting things out if you never put anything in. You need to keep the well full!

Keep reading books or listening to podcasts. Whenever you come across a new idea, take a QUICK note so you can reference them later. Once you have enough notes, you can start to combine and cross-reference different ideas to rearrange them into something new.

If you ignore reading and learning, your content will start to grow stale. You’ll struggle to come up with new ideas. By staying engaged and continuing to learn, you will be able to pretty higher-quality content for your audience.

Want to know more about my note-taking process? Check out the video below!