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First Track Planning 🦁

First Track Planning 🦁

The lesson I've been sharing and learning this week is to "find the first track." It comes from last week's recommended read The Lion Tracker's Guide to Life when the main character is following his two mentors in the African bushveld. All the trackers are looking for is the first track, not the tenth track.

Imagine how silly it would be to find the first track, scan the horizon and say "the first track is here, but I can't see the next hundred tracks clearly - let's go home." A tracker would never do that!

But often that's what we do in our productivity journey. Because we can't see the full picture and all the tasks involved, we stop tracking the goal. We refuse to start on the journey. We retreat back home where it's comfortable.

I talked about this a lot in the Power-Up member call yesterday. Instead of getting stuck wondering what all the steps are, look for the "first track" then follow it to the second and third tracks. Often you'll discover a task you thought was really important doesn't matter once you start making progress.

Find the first track today and keep going! 🦁