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Plant Your Flag This Week β›³

Plant Your Flag This Week  β›³

Another week will greet us tomorrow - a new opportunity for growth whether you're starting the journey or near the summit. Your next step is the most important one, and you can get a head start on it today with your weekly preview (check out the past email or watch the video).

I prefer the bullet journal for my weekly preview. It's fast, effective, and the battery life is great πŸ˜‰ Simply write down what your goals are for the week, any action tasks, and when you will protect time to do the work. Many of you wrote me back last week and said the weekly preview and review structure has been the most important lesson from these daily emails.

Let's circle back to a mindset we've been talking about a lot the past couple weeks. That of a hero or heroine. When you make a plan for the week it's a proactive step into the world. Stating what matters to you is equivalent to planting a flag for your own power and purpose - and that's a good thing! Recently I've started reading Emerson to my boys and this passage spoke to me...

I must be myself. I cannot break myself any longer for you. If you can love me for what I am, we shall be the happier. - Self Reliance, Emerson, RW

Be yourself this week, even in a small way. This doesn't mean ignoring others, in fact in many ways you will be more prepared to create space for people when you have listened to your own heart first. Plant your flag, protect the time, and head out into the day's adventure.

The span of a week is wonderful. Enough time to do something that is complete but no so much time the mind becomes unfocused on the goal. That's where years, seasons, and even months become a little tricky. The day and the week are the tangible elements of where things get done.

In Hero's Journey and epic gaming metaphors, the day is akin to what's in your direct field of view. What do you see is happening today, right in front of you? Let's solve that problem and figure out what power-up or tool is needed to do so.

The span of a week can be compared to the larger level you're playing. Completing it won't take too much time, but it isn't something you can do in one sitting. You'll need to combine multiple power-ups, conserve your strength, and be disciplined each day to reach the summit.

When you see these elements (literally) play out in your daily life and weekly rhythms it becomes much easier to pinpoint which power-ups and tools you need to do the work that matters most and align with your purpose.

This week - plant your flag, live your purpose, and protect what matters ❀️