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Awaken the Hero Inside

Awaken the Hero Inside

The modern world is not safe. There's no career or path that you can set yourself on autopilot to a comfortable living that doesn't have much risk.

Once upon a time, adventure and risk with all the rewards that come with were only the realm of heroes. Commoners and nobility alike could just stay in their lanes and things would go smoothly.

Now it's all interconnected and interrelated. Adventure, trouble, and risk will find you. You have to be the hero in your life to build any degree of safety.

So what drives you? What sort of dreams are on your heart to do and build? What sort of goals are you motivated to earn?

It's always better for you if you prepare in advance or set out of your own volition rather than having the adventure or risk or trouble wrench you out of your comfort zone.

So start packing your proverbial bags, and count the tools at your disposal. Embrace your potential, and release the hero inside you.