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Every Hero Has a Kit - What's Yours?

Every Hero Has a Kit - What's Yours?

One of the things I want to help empower you on, encourage you on, and guide you on is that every hero has a kit. Every hero has an inventory, a selection of tools, power-ups, things they can use that give them confidence and help them along the journey.

Luke Skywalker has a light saber, Captain Marvel transformed by the tesseract, Harry Potter his wand, and Wonder Woman the lasso of truth. You can do the same by assembling a personal productivity kit to slay the daily dragons of self-doubt, overwhelm, distraction, and more.

You probably know a lot of these things. All of them are probably going to be familiar to you, but it's understanding and having the judgment, the experience, the expertise to know where they are in your kit, how to assemble them, how to deploy them and combine them.

Right place, right time, right situation, and the flexibility to change that in the future; to not get so stuck. That's going to be the game-changer for you. That's how you navigate your hero's journey and slay the procrastination dragons!

You are stepping in to the quest you've been called into. You are accepting responsibility for your own heroic journey. You're not waiting for anyone else. I aspire to be a guide that helps you, but you're still the hero. You're the woman, you're the man that is going to take this thing on.

When you can accept that responsibility for the hero you're called to be, the journey you are meant to go on, it is a game-changer for how you live your life.

That's how you set out on your daily quest and start stacking victorious weeks together. Because here's the secret of long-term productivity and reaching the summit of your goals and aspirations.

Successful days lead to victorious weeks, which stack on top of each other into your best year ever. It's as simple as that (well maybe not quite that simple but that's another story for another day).