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How to Have an Epic Week 🤙

How to Have an Epic Week 🤙

Last week you learned about the essential power-ups in your productivity kit . These are extremely useful tools to deploy in the face of any challenge the week throws at you.

At the dawn of a new week, let’s start approaching each day with a new mindset. The mindset of a hero. There’s a critical distinction of recognizing the hero within each of us - to become the hero of your own story and not the story other people assign to you.

When the heroic journey was thought to be for special people only, the rest of us found a safe place and stayed there. But there are no more safe places. In the modern world, if we do not choose to step into our quest, it will come and get us. We are being thrust on the journey. (1)

In this light you can approach each day as a personal adventure. It’s an opportunity to use the power-up skills you’re developing and measure growth. One of the skills to focus on this week is selecting tools to face the daily adventure.

Knowing what productivity power-ups you need to deploy given the situation is a power-up in itself. Your ability to understand the moment and how to best face the challenge is key to long-term success and fulfillment.

Think about Mario in his 3rd great adventure, aka Super Mario 3. When he faced a particular challenge or obstacle he selected the right power-up from his kit. Frog suit for the water, raccoon suit to fly a bit (never understood that one tbh), or flower power to blast through a battalion of baddies.

You know this intuitively but it’s a common struggle for productivity. Most people cycle through every productivity tip, tool, or tactic every day and feel bad if they don’t go through their routine, journal, block time, do a proper review, or fill out their habit tracker.

Instead you should treat each tool as a part of your productivity kit, ready for you to use when the time is right. Even better, you can combine tools together to create a custom power suit for the day’s adventure!

So as the new week begins, don’t try to do all the productivity things every day. Assemble your kit and use the right power-ups for the challenges you face. The quest is ahead of you, but you have everything you need to slay the dragon.