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Inside Out & Understanding Yourself 🧠🔍

Inside Out & Understanding Yourself 🧠🔍

Last week I was on a teaching call with the Productivity Power-Up members talking about the weekly review process. One of the most effective ways to conduct a personal review is to detach yourself from the results. You become an observer rather than a judge (which is what we often do).

There’s a bit of self-coaching happening too. Your Monday self is planning tasks and goals for the week, your weekend self is reporting back on the results. You only need to be a good coach who helps improve next week.

After the call I thought about one of my favorite Pixar movies, Inside Out. If you haven’t seen it before, please do - but the premise of the movie is we all have different little selves inside running our lives. There’s a leading emotion but everything works together (ideally).

I pictured the planning and reviewing phases like this - the planning self writing the week’s goals up on a big whiteboard, everyone running around getting stuff done each day, then the reviewing self giving a report at the end of the week. Then everyone works together to create a better plan for the coming week. It was a fun way to visualize the process!

As you review this week keep those two selves in mind (no pun intended). There’s a planning/performing self and reviewing/observing self and they can work together really well. Remember not to let the planner run wild without any feedback nor the reviewer become a judge instead of observer. When you get a chance, Inside Out is totally worth watching 😃