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"_______" Isn't Complicated

"_______" Isn't Complicated

A couple weeks ago I was helping a member of my creator mastermind define a strategy and checklist for her new podcast.

She is doing a wonderful job recording new episodes (3 so far!) and all the setup that goes along with a new show, e.g. podcast hosting, name, landing page for emails.

She’s been able to make such good progress because she stuck to the basics of podcasting. I’ll share it and break down the essentials.

  • Make a show outline (not a script)
  • Book the guests*
  • Record the show
  • Minimal editing
  • Publish the show
  • Repeat
  • her show doesn’t have guests (yet) so that’s a saved step!

To be honest, she could continue with these simple steps for a really long time, even for the lifetime of the show. A similar structure could be applied for YouTube videos, blogging, or an email newsletter. What’s better is even when you’re on video 213, email 29, or podcast 15 and feel stuck - just get back to the basics of creation.

This is the disciplined application of basics

But it’s not limited to creative work. If you resisted complexity it would be easier to distill the work you do down to a few simple steps. The steps may even have a whole host of sub-tasks, but it’s relaxing to look at a simple breakdown of what the work actually is.

Heck, it’s not even limited to work. Apply the basics to your habits! What is journaling? Writing down your stream-of-consciousness thoughts. What is exercise? Working up a little sweat.

No matter the field, market, or industry, a disciplined application of basics will prove effective over time. Is there room to improve? Of course! But not at the cost of ignoring or over-complicating the basics.

As you review the past week and preview the upcoming one, be disciplined in your approach. Focus on the basics in your work, habits, and life. I believe you’ll find the process refreshing.