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What the LEGO movie taught me about Productivity

What the LEGO movie taught me about Productivity

My favorite scenes of the Lego movies are when the master builders assemble and put together this new thing custom-built for the challenge they face. With all the different tools and all the different things they have, they assemble this custom design to fight the battle in front of them.

In the scene pictured above Emmet is running into battle. He sees all the opportunities and pieces available to him - and because of his experience and (new found) confidence, it's both a joy and a breeze to assemble the machine in real-time to fight Lord Business and the micro managers.

As you gain experience and inner confidence, you'll start to understand how you can combine different power-ups together to create this master plan for how you're going to do the things that matter to you over time, or even just in the moment.

You'll start to say, "If I need to better manage my time right now and be more on top of the tasks I have, then I'm going to use a task manager app, and I'm going to make sure that I'm tracking and blocking my time so I'm doing the right things at the right time."

You may only need to use one or two at a time, but then as you make progress, then you'll start to also see like, "Now I can turn this into a specific goal or project. This is what I want to have accomplished at the end of the quarter." So you start using the goal-setting framework.

You've attached it to the power-ups you're already using. You're assembling the productivity framework that you need specific to that situation. It's flexible because different things are going to happen in your life. You're going to be a different person at 25 than you are 30 or 35. You get new jobs, kids, all these different things happen.

When you understand these principles, when you understand these elements, these frameworks, these methods of productivity, these power-ups that you can use in any given situation, then you're just like:

"Hey, no problem. Let me look in my kit right here. This is the challenge in front of me. What do I need to assemble at this moment and going forward in order to have the greatest chance of success?"

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