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Start Living (A Little Of) Your Best Life

Start Living (A Little Of) Your Best Life

I’m writing this at 11pm on a Monday night. I’m also on vacation. Staying up late to work. Which I have done on most vacations for the past 10 years. I wanted this one to be different, but so far it’s not.

So what’s really going on here? I’m self-employed, right? I can do whatever I want, right?

Part of what I want to share with you on my newsletter is the behind-the-scenes of my transition to being a full-time creator. There’s a critical lesson I’m still having trouble learning.

My habits and mindset didn’t automatically switch over to whatever I was fantasizing about when I made the became a full-time creator. I’m the same person (much to my chagrin).

🔋 I still default to over-working

💸 I still worry (a lot) about money

👍 I still over-commit to projects…

😬 ...and feel bad for what lapses

There’s a sinking feeling that while everything about my work changed nothing about me changed. What I thought work would bring me still failed. Because what I need is already inside and I’m afraid to let it out.

If there’s a way you want to live - start doing it as soon as possible, even in a small way. This changes who you are!

Decide and act in a way that self-signals you’re living your best life, then tell your critical, scared self it’s all gonna be ok.

That’s what I do anyway ❤️