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πŸ’― Making it to 100

πŸ’― Making it to 100

Connecting the dots πŸ₯ back to the 10-100-1000 Rep miniseries I wrote, the daily posts are past the 10 rep milestone and well on our way to 100 emails sent. In the past this 30ish round "milestone" would have felt semi-depressing because I didn't know how long I would or could keep it up. Doing something for a month is doable, but is it sustainable?

Before we continue I want to thank AppSumo for sponsoring the Daily Dot and several upcoming videos. AppSumo is an online marketplace made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. If you're an entrepreneur or side hustler making your way to full time - AppSumo is built specifically for you.

The 10 Rep Rule can expand and scale to something that can truly change your life, something that you can build mastery in. Once you've hit those 10 reps and you're starting to build some momentum, you're like, "Okay, this is working for me. This is good for me. This is something I'm interested in. This is something I'm excited about."

The more that you work on those and continue to put in the reps, the more you'll build momentum. When you get to about a hundred reps, then you're like, "Oh yeah, I'm feeling good about this. I'm confident and I've built some momentum."

When I compare what I'm doing with the Daily Dot to what my YouTube milestones were, it gives me a lot of transferred confidence. As I put in those first 10 videos and then 50 I was building more and more momentum. It was around 60ish videos that I finally had one even break 1,000 views. What if I had stopped before that?

Around 100 videos I not only felt really good about what I was creating and had a lot of confidence in it, I had found my niche and bullet journaling by that time. But it was right around 90-100 videos that my channel really started to take off and I hit 10,000 subscribers. The momentum you feel personally often is reflected in the belief others have in you. In the context of creative work, the "market" recognizes your consistency with attention.