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A Master Task List for Your Week

A Master Task List for Your Week

At CrossFit this morning a friend came up to me and said he started his first bullet journal after watching my videos. He hadn’t done paper planning in a long time and was stuck on what to do next. He watched a lot of videos and was feeling a little overwhelmed on what the “real” first step is.

“Use it as a task manager and daily log. That’s the easiest way to start.” I replied - and it’s true. There’s plenty to be overwhelmed by, so start simple. Create a master task list for the week and use those to fill in your daily log. If there’s a task that needs to be done on a specific day, add to that day’s log.

There’s no reason to complicate the bullet journal at the beginning. Keep it simple and be consistent to build momentum and confidence that you can get stuff done ✅

Here’s a short 1 minute video to help explain a little bit more. You can also watch my bullet journal beginner video to go all-in on setup.

I want to be really clear… this tiny habit system is a power-up you can apply to many other things.

When you feel overwhelmed at the start, think of a ridiculously small first step to take. Like putting on your shoes to run or walk. Flossing one tooth. Eating one piece of broccoli. Start a bullet journal with the daily log and build the streak.