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The Mid-Day Pivot

Lunch is a good time to do a check-in on your work and progress for the day. Since we're in middle of the week I recommend taking stock of your progress on the week. Simple to say, of course - easy to do... not as much.

Here's why... if you feel like the morning was a bit of a waste then you still have all afternoon to get 1-2 important things done. If the week has felt a little (or a lot) out of balance then you still have 1.5 days to knock one goal out and build momentum for the next week.

Hopefully you're seeing this email in the middle of great day. But if you're not, or you just want to save this email for a future mid-day check-in, ask yourself these 3 questions and refocus on making the next 36 hours a win.

Ask 3 questions to turn the day around

First: what's the easiest important task I can complete in the next hour? Don't bring on more overwhelm by trying to do the biggest thing on your list. But also resist the desire to just do the easy stuff, things you could do but won't impact your day.

Next: review your weekly GAP preview and protect time in the next 36 hours to complete one goal on your list. This gives you a definitive win and helps build confidence for next week! If you didn't setup a GAP preview for the week, that's ok! You can do it now. What's your goal for the rest of the week, what tasks are involved, and when can you protect time?

Finally: ask yourself why the day or week hasn't worked the way you intended. Remember to observe and report, but don't judge. If it's true things out of your control are happening, then maybe it's easier to accept that reality. If you're scared of failure, playing the perfectionist, or just overwhelmed, take a single action to push back on those beliefs.