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Keep Life and Business Both Organized and Calm

Keep Life and Business Both Organized and Calm

We all know the feeling... your notes are piling up everywhere, you have three to-do lists, and then there's all the stuff for your house and family. You don't even know what might be falling through the cracks. It's frustrating, overwhelming, and makes you feel out of control.

There's a simple system to keep your tasks under control. The PARA Framework from Tiago Forte may help. It's been a game-changer for me in the past year. I'm hosting Tiago for a free webinar on Friday, check out the details at the bottom of this email - hope to see you there!

PARA stands for Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives 🗃 ️

Put tasks that have a set end date, deadline, or outcome in one pile: those are your Projects. They work well with to-do lists because once they are completed they are behind you.

Put recurring tasks and more general responsibility that are more open-ended in a second pile. These are your Areas of Responsibility, with no end dates and regular commitments. These are things like your job, family, owning or renting a home, etc.

A third pile will be Resources. Many Projects will start here, and this is where you are compiling data, sources, or leads before you truly begin putting the finished project together. The big difference between resources and projects is that research has no deadline (yet).

Lastly is where you stuff away all the other stuff, and your finished work: the Archive. You can always bring stuff back out when it's time, so don't feel bad about throwing a valuable idea in the Archive. With the right system it's easily accessible in the future.

Get a framework that incorporates every element of your life so you can use it consistently and don't have to learn different methods for home and business.

On Friday, April 23rd at 2pm EST I'm hosting a webinar with Tiago to discuss note-taking, PARA, getting things done, and more! We'll help you build a calm, clear, productive lifestyle by combing our favorite productivity methods and tools. Click here to sign up!