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Powering-Up to Reach Your Goals

Powering-Up to Reach Your Goals

Before we start the Daily Dot, just a heads up I published a new episode of Connect the Dots! It's a deep dive into the framework of Heroic Productivity we've been talking about the last couple weeks.

Approach Each Day with a Hero’s Mindset | Connect the Dots with Matt Ragland | Episode 16
I’ve been obsessed with the hero’s journey framework the past 10 years and how it applies to daily life. In this episode I cover the essential elements of the hero’s journey and how you can approach each day with the mindset of a hero!

As one day drags into the next, your passion for goals and leveling up fades amid all the maintenance tasks and constant setbacks and distractions.

When you take time to think or meditate or track your progress, the only real constant is the feeling that you aren't getting anywhere. This is totally normal but ultimately it's frustrating!

How do you keep going through the grind?

Think of each day as one level you need to complete, with its objectives and bonus rewards. Some are more difficult than others, but if you keep up with them you know you'll be making progress.

Specific goals and projects could also be seen as levels within their worlds: If you make it on a podcast, that's a level within the marketing and networking world, as one example.

Productivity tools are power-ups to complete the individual levels. Use the ones that are appropriate, and learn from experience.

Beat your levels, and work your way forward one day at a time.

Tomorrow we'll talk about what you can do when feeling overwhelmed by productivity hacks and tips. See you then!