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Process over Outcomes

Process over Outcomes
Photo by Damian Zaleski / Unsplash

Invest your time in good processes instead of being focused on outcomes. This is challenging because often a good outcome will lead you to think the path (process) you took to get there doesn't matter.

But it absolutely does. Good process is the foundation of long-term success. Good process means you can bring in other people to help and train them quickly. Good process provides a safety net for innovation and smart risk. Because even if the risk is a failure, a good process will help you bounce back quickly and try again. Focus on the process and raise the baseline.

I've been thinking about this a lot in relation to college football coaches. A good coach continuously improves his process of building a staff, recruiting and players, and on-field strategy. The reasons he makes decisions is more important than the outcome in all but the ultimate game-time situations.

You can approach life and work the same way. A good outcome in a project, personal goal, or relationship is still great... but the way you came to success is just as important. Without good process, good outcomes will be scattered and unreliable. With good process, you'll be able to raise your expected outcome and have more stability in work and life.

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