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🛡️ Protect Your Time ⏰

🛡️ Protect Your Time ⏰

“I started my day with 4 hours blocked out to focus on my biggest goal… but then I logged in to chat and started putting out fires in my organization”

Does this resonate with you? I was on a call with a client today and he said this happens all the time. You know what? I get it too.

The trap of high expectations, of knowing you can fix a problem in 10 minutes that might take someone else 4 hours of running in circles.

But there’s a cost. You, the executive, the manager, the founder, lose your sacred hours to take the business (and your team) to the next level. The team leans on you too much, your expertise becoming a crutch holding them back from learning how to solve the problem.

I have a simple (but difficult) solution.

Don’t log in. Don’t open the chat app. Don’t check email.

If you protected the time and communicated to your team… stick with it. Solve the big problems. Little problems will still be there when you log in 4 hours from now - or your team may have grown and solved it already.

It’s too simple. You’ll think your situation is different. It’s not. The founders, managers, and directors who go to the next level understand this.

Protect time for what you know matters most. Everything else can wait.