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⚔️ Slay the Procrastination Dragon 🐲

⚔️ Slay the Procrastination Dragon 🐲

One of the biggest blockers to productive, focused work is your own mindset about what productive work looks like. It’s like, you know how to be productive, but you still struggle to get the work done. Sound familiar?

Even if that’s not your story right now, all of us can relate to that feeling. But I have good news…

It’s not (all) your fault. It’s the procrastination dragons 🐲

You face these little dragons each day. Dragons of self-doubt and distraction, fear of not being good enough, worry you’ll be found out, of long odds and missed opportunities. We all face them!

When you take on the mindset of a hero and combine your power-ups to face the daily dragons, you realize you have what it takes to overcome each challenge and move through the valley to the summit.

See? You can do this each day with the right tools, community, and guide alongside you. Practically you already know how to be productive, but it’s so dang hard to do in the moment. You get in your own way, and that’s normal!

But you know there’s another level you can reach. That’s really exciting to know there’s an opportunity available to make slay the procrastination dragons and do more work that matters.

How to slay common daily dragons ⚔️

Self-doubt: 10 completed rounds of effort on the goal, e.g. publishing a podcast, going to Jiu-Jitsu, making sales calls

Distraction: journaling to get them out of my head, because “the demons hate fresh air.” Treat the practice as a reporter, not a judge.

Not good enough: review my notes to see all the struggles of successful people, knowing I am one of them too.

Overwhelmed: creating a master task list, prioritizing by value, then blocking time for those tasks.

See what I mean? With the right tools and mindset you can approach the challenges of each day with confidence instead of concern. Your productivity kit is a wealth of mental and logistical power-ups to deploy in the face of all these procrastination dragons you face each day.

A few times each year I run a live masterclass on using productivity tools and tactics (your kit) to slay the procrastination dragons and do the work that matters. The next round starts April 12, click here to learn more and join us!