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The Right Way is the Simple Way

The Right Way is the Simple Way

It’s easy to over-think any process or practice. We see professionals and people who dedicate hours to “the thing” each day and believe that’s the only way.

Look at bullet journaling - thousands of hours of (beautiful) elaborate spreads and trackers. Is this the right way? It doesn’t have to be. Bullet Journaling can literally be your daily bullets. Simple.

What about exercising? I follow a lot of CrossFitters on Instagram and it’s easy to the long workouts and complicated movements. Is this the right way? It doesn’t have to be. Working out can be push-ups, sit-ups, air squats, and a light jog. Simple.

Let’s examine YouTube videos - the Netflix level brilliance of Matt D’Avella, Casey Neistat’s world-class consistency, or Amy Landino’s morning routine mastery. Are any of these the right way? At the beginning, it can’t be. Grab your phone, hit record, share an idea, then publish. Simple.

The right way is the simple way - at the beginning and for a very long time. Even if you’re professional and feel stuck, returning to simplicity is a great way to get unstuck and start again. Write a post, make a sales call, text a friend, draw some stick figures.

I used this trick last week when I was stuck on meditating. My head was spinning, mind in overdrive, thinking

“It (meditating) has to be this way, I need to be thinking about this thing or it doesn’t work”.


The right way to meditate is the simple way. Sit still, steady breathing, eyes closed, always coming back to the breath or mantra.

Years ago my wife bought me a magnet that says “what would this look like if it were easy?”

I see it every day on the fridge. It’s a great reminder not to over-complicate life. Many things in life are hard, that’s life. But I don’t need to go around making easy things harder.

This is the way.