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Thin Sliced Success

Thin Sliced Success

Yesterday I was cutting up a banana for my son and he became upset about how I sliced the banana so thin. In his eyes, this is “less banana” than a larger section. I explained that he’s still getting the same amount of total banana, i.e. banana volume is not affected by unit thickness.

He disagreed. I cut up another banana.

I was thinking about this compared to consistency of habits. Our normal desire is to write 1000 words per day, fill up a page in our bullet journal, have a big workout, make the big sale. Thick slices of success.

What’s more sustainable is the thin slice, stacked up day after day. Write 100 words every day for a month and you’ll create a better habit than 500-1000 every week. Total volume is the same but consistency and confidence will be much different.