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Transferring Confidence

Transferring Confidence

I can’t

I don’t

I never have

These are a few of the common ways we defeat our potential before it ever manifests or tries. It’s one reason I stuck with my job for a year before deciding I could quit.

It was fall 2019 and my friend Jeff asked me “why aren’t you self-employed yet?” I had several reasons, but at the root of my continued employment was a fear that I couldn’t make enough money to support my family. That’s a common fear - but it went deeper.

The deep fear was that even if I made enough money I couldn’t spend it wisely. That I would waste it and make too many mistakes, leaving us in our early 40s and worse off than we were in our 20s. With kids.

Basically, I wasn’t confident in my ability to make and manage money.

Jeff is like a therapist to me in many ways and he asked a great question - ”Matt, when you miss a week of workouts or gain an extra 5 pounds over the holidays - does that bother you?”

Me: ”No - I’ll just start working out again and lose the weight. No worries”

Jeff: ”Most people don’t think like that. They think about their health & fitness the way you think about money. You just need to think about money the way you think about exercising”

This question changed my life. I saw the parallels in both and how I could transfer my confidence in personal health to personal finance. I also recognized that I was being way too hard on myself when it came to money.

Transferring confidence is also one of the most transformational questions I ask any of the Productivity Power-Up members and 1-on-1 clients. It’s a question I want you to think about as well.

Define one area of life you’re confident in your ability and expertise (no matter how small it seems to you). What can you transfer from that area life to another where you don’t feel as confident? My money mindset started to change when I saw these parallels…

💰  There are many ways to make money (and many ways to exercise)

🌊  Money will naturally ebb and flow (as will my weight or muscle mass)

🍦  Making a “bad” money decision doesn’t impact my money mindset (just like eating a pint of Jeni’s ice cream doesn’t impact my workout plan)

Every area of life has its unique challenges. Recognizing the patterns that fit into everything is a huge power-up that allows you to transfer confidence and skills no matter what you’re doing.

Look at your super-powers today, ok?