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Get Unstuck with VET Ranking

Get Unstuck with VET Ranking

Do you have trouble prioritizing your tasks? Is it hard to know which project you should start on first? Figuring out which tasks are more important can be tricky and it’s one of the most common goal-setting struggles I hear.

That’s why I developed the VET Score to help you get unstuck and take action. Here’s what it stands for…

💰 Value
👍 Ease
⏰ Time

Value: how much value are you going to get from your task? How much money will it make you by completing it? You can also choose to measure happiness instead of money.

Ease: how easy will it be to complete this task? Just because something is hard to complete, doesn’t mean it will necessarily be the better option.

Time: how much time will it take to complete this task? Don’t confuse this with ease. It can still take a long time to complete an easy task. Anyone who’s ever had to do simple data entry knows that.

Begin by assigning a score of 1 to 10 for each letter for each task. The more time something takes, the lower the number is going to be. Then, add them all together and divide each of those numbers by three. That is the score for the goal.

This will help you know what to focus on and make sure you are doing the highest-leverage work first. You’ll be making the most of your time and getting the best bang for your buck. Start prioritizing your goals to move forward and take action!

If you want to see a visual example of this, click here to watch a VIP video!