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Waffle House Hashbrowns vs Mr Potato Head Productivity

Waffle House Hashbrowns vs Mr Potato Head Productivity

Waffle House is an omnipresent part of the American southern food experience. It's fast, affordable, reliable, and always open. I've had Christmas day meals at Waffle House (relished them, in fact) and it's my son's favorite place for breakfast with Dad.

But my favorite Waffle House food isn't the waffle, it's the hashbrowns. Shoestring potatoes spread and smashed on the griddle then topped in a variety of ways...

  • Scattered plain hashbrowns
  • Smothered with onions
  • Covered with cheese
  • Topped with chili, sausage, and more

This isn't even the full list! Personally I'm a smothered/covered/chunked guy, topped too if we're having brinner at Waffle House.

Which leads us to our connection with daily productivity... the problem is your time, attention, and focus is a lot like that smashed up potato (stay with me here).

You start each day whole, complete, ready to take on the day. But little by little your attention is chopped up and scattered. As the day goes on you feel smothered by the expectations of others, covered with responsibilities, and topped off with a feeling of complete exhaustion.

I love Waffle House, but this is no way to go through your day.
Instead, let's emulate Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head (seriously).

When my boys play with their potato heads, they always start with a blank slate. They talk about what kind of game they're going to play and which tools, faces, and accessories they need to "succeed."

I think daily productivity is a lot like playing with a Mr. Potato Head and avoiding feeling like a scattered, smothered, and covered mess of hashbrowns (even if they are delicious). Enter the day like a blank page, intentional about how you're chopping up your time, attention, and energy. Assemble your tools and deploy power-ups based on what you need this day and this week.

Two weeks from today, on April 12th we start round two of the Productivity Power-Up. Enrollment officially begins next Monday but I'll have a special free workshop at 3pm EST on Friday to share a few key lessons and actionable strategies. Registration link coming tomorrow!

I'm here to help you level up and power up your productivity kit in 2021. The upcoming masterclass is the perfect way to do that and I want to make sure it's a great fit for you. More to come this week!