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My 15 Minute Weekly Preview 📝

My 15 Minute Weekly Preview 📝

Recently I shared my 15 minute W.A.R.P. review, click here to check it out before getting too deep in the preview. It will help!

Back so soon? Great! Let's talk about the preview. I use another acronym, G.A.P. which stands for goals, actions, and planning. We'll take a quick look at each.

Goals: what are my top 1-3 goals for the week?

Actions: what are the sub-tasks or contingencies for each goal?

Planning: when will I plan the time to work on the top goals and tasks?

There's another little addendum to G.A.P. - the little "s" of Systems. These are additional tasks which need to be done naturally during the week like hosting a coaching call or sending replays.

I often don't put those as one of my top one to three goals because the way that the business functions, those are just going to happen naturally. I'll still put them in my bullet journal for the daily tasks on whatever day they are due, but I don't write it down as one of my top goals.

As you progress through the week take a few minutes each day to orient yourself to the top goals. Block at least an hour each day (preferably 2-3) in service of reaching those goals. If you have trouble protecting time for what you said matters most... I'll tell you more about that tomorrow!

Plan your week with G.A.P. and I'll see you first thing in the morning ☀️