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My 15 Minute Weekly Review 👀

My 15 Minute Weekly Review  👀

It's Friday and a perfect day for the weekly review. Personally I prefer Friday for reviews so I can plan the upcoming week on Sunday (or first thing Monday). If I wait until Sunday the past week gets a little fuzzy.

I use a short little acronym for my weekly review - W.A.R.P. It stands for wins, aspirations, results, and pivots. Let's take a quick look at each.

Wins: what went well? What was I proud of? Doesn't all have to be work or achievement related!

Aspirations: what did the "Monday Me" aspire and plan to do?

Results: how did I do with the weekly plan? Did I complete all the top goals and tasks?

Pivot: what do I need to change going into next week?

The W.A.R.P. review allows me to do is make a better preview for the coming week, because I've learned from the past week's preview. Make sense?

Take 15 minutes today and run a quick WARP review of the past week. It's ok if you didn't write a weekly preview to reference in a review. Whatever pops to your mind works. Don't overthink it.

Click here to read my G.A.P. method for previewing the week ahead. It's super simple and will clarify what's most important for you. Have a great weekend!