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Never Let Your Well of Inspiration Run Dry πŸ’¦

Never Let Your Well of Inspiration Run Dry πŸ’¦

Did you know that many people consider Tuesday to be the most productive day of the week? Monday comes in a close second, but the feeling of catching up after the weekend, planning calls, and extra interruptions just make Monday busy for most people. The real work starts today, on Tuesdays πŸ™Œ

One of the most challenging parts of being productive is deciding what to focus your attention on. There are a lot of tasks/opportunities and understanding how to prioritize your time for the different areas of work is critical. This is why I like Jim Collins's 50-30-20 Rule (watch video here for a complete overview).

Whether your output is video content, support tickets, or sales calls booked, it's easy to focus on that 50% output number. It's what we get paid for and recognized by. Without time to research, take notes, and learn, you are plunging the depths of a creative well that is rapidly running dry.

The hamster wheel of "more output" can feel relentless. This is why 30% of time spent researching, learning, even teaching is time well spent. It focuses and empowers your creative output with different sources, notes, and teachers to learn from. Keep the well full and you’ll never run short on ideas to share.

Have a happy and productive Tuesday!