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What Do Wockets and Waskets Have to Do With Anything?

What Do Wockets and Waskets Have to Do With Anything?

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss books is There’s a Wocket in my Pocket. The boys love it because the characters are silly and always showing up in odd places around the house, for example…

  • A Wasket in the basket
  • A Nureau in the bureau
  • A Jertain in the curtain (a personal fave)

I love the book because it’s one of the greatest reminders to make your own rules. Dr. Seuss (named Ted Geisel) was a genius at this. He created entire worlds and creatures - but not with cool names like the Dothraki, Hobbits, Ewoks, or Parshendi. They have names like Fiffer-feffer-feff and Hinkle-Horn Honkers (along with the aforementioned Wasket, Nureau, and Jertain).

Geisel remembers his mother’s penchant for rhyming him to sleep (1) and spent years in Paris at the height of the surrealist movement (2), undoubtably inspired by other painters such as Salvador Dali. But Geisel combined all of his interest, inspiration, and talent to create an entirely unique set of rules and creative expression.

You can do the same.

The easy excuse is that you’re not Dr. Seuss - which is true and he would be quick to point out. But the more you do the work, draw on your own inspiration, and make your own rules - the more progress you will make to become the best you.

Isn’t that the point?


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