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Get Recognition at Work with Note-Taking

Get Recognition at Work with Note-Taking

When you work at a job and you write stuff down for the benefit of others, people are like, “Oh my gosh, this is so helpful!” It is very helpful to do that: you’re doing something that’s helpful for you anyway.

This can all be accomplished with the note-taking strategies we've discussed in the last few months. As you're going through tasks in your day start making simple bullet lists of the steps. Then expand on those fast notes to create a document that's more durable and accessible for coworkers.

When you make it public for others, they can be on the same page as you are, and they can see your process for doing something. This is especially true when you work with a team!

Documenting your processes helps improve your work by clarifying steps, communicating clearly, and creating a personal knowledge base to access at any time.

That’s something I saw being at ConvertKit and then at Podia - both companies full of very smart, productive people: when I would write stuff down, they are like, “Oh, thank you so much for doing that.” I was like, “Really? I was just doing this for me, but I’m glad you like it, too.”

Don’t be afraid to share that stuff: it’s always going to be a competitive advantage for you. Bosses love it, coworkers appreciate it, and your standing at the company levels up. Check out the video below for more note-taking strategies!