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πŸ›‘ Stop being your own worst enemy 😫

πŸ›‘ Stop being your own worst enemy 😫

If you're like most people, each week feels like a blur. Every day you wake up and start the day reacting to the news, bosses, co-workers, even family. Even though you try your best to get everything done, you still end up overwhelmed, adrift, and feeling like (or knowing) there's still a mountain of things left to do.

But you're smart - you know how to be productive.

Make lists, check 'em off, stay focused, set goals... the usual stuff. But the how feels vague. Often you feel on your own too - like all the people in your life have their own to-do list with your name clearly assigned. Meanwhile, the work you want to do, should be doing, is left undone.

What's frustrating is how easy it is to be a willing accomplice in our own lack of productivity.

When you struggle to prioritize the right work and communicate it to the people who matter (including yourself) - it's easy to default to simple, unremarkable tasks. Things you can point to and say "See, I've been working hard!"

But deep down, you know that type of work won't get you where you want to be.

If you run your own business (or side-hustle) the feeling can be even worse. You actually own your time but consistently focus on "downhill work" (1) instead of the essay, podcast, or videos that can change the trajectory of your business.

Like you, I had years of frustrating, unproductive work weeks (and months, and years). Sure I was getting things done and had a reputation of a being a "hard worker"... but I wasn't doing the important "uphill work" (1) or focusing on the creative output I knew I was capable of. And since I struggled to define my own priorities and tasks, I sure couldn't communicate that with confidence to bosses, co-workers, or even friends and family who requested my time and attention.

There is a simple way to actually be productive instead of just knowing how to do it.

That may sound like a subtle shift, and the good news is it is! You already have much of the knowledge you need to do the work that matters most - and I'll help you create a personal productivity kit full of power-ups to help you get the job done.

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